Artic-group has several concepts for well boats, processing vessels and service vessels, or combinations of these, ready and available. The concepts have focus on flexibility, ESG and economy. If there is a need to tailor the solutions, that is of course possible, with our designs as a starting point. The important thing for you as a client of Artic is that our concepts, our network of yards and suppliers, and our extensive experience with this type of projects, will save considerable time and money for you as a client. Artic-group has a proven track-record when it comes to deliver competitive and innovative solutions, which we are more than happy to tell you more about in a meeting.


Several designs available

The well boat capacity has increased substantially during the last 5-10 years. In the same period, it has been a trend that the well boats have become larger, to not only be utilized as live fish carriers – but also as treatment vessels (sea lice, AGD and other parasites).

Artic-group has concepts ready for traditional live fish carriers as well as larger treatment vessels. Previously we have built and delivered well boats to third parties, where Artic-group has handled the whole process from development, design, construction management and delivery in Norway. Our experience with construction of such vessels makes us a professional and reliable partner if you are planning to build a well boat.

Brønnbåt Aqua Kvaløy -


A new generation processing vessel is being built

During the last years, processing vessels have become more and more relevant, either as larger processing vessels or smaller emergency harvesting vessels.

One of the big advantages with a processing vessel is that it gives higher harvesting volumes, especially if the fish is weak or infected prior to harvesting. In addition, these vessels are highly suitable for hybrid solutions as battery hybrid power, if you connect with one or more packaging stations.

Artic-group has been involved in the development of a new generation processing vessel, with focus on quality, fish welfare and environmentally friendly solutions. We have also developed a smaller solution for those who require less capacity, and for those who are thinking more along the lines of emergency harvesting vessels.

We have the solutions and the experience if you are considering building such a vessel.


Artic Shipping AS revolutionized the transportation of fish feed with its non-contact bulk transportation of fish feed during the 2000s.

Transportation of fish feed was traditionally carried out by utilization of big bags and excavators. Artic-group and EWOS developed a new and revolutionizing solution, where the fish feed was carried out in bulk tanks and loaded and unloaded by use of air. This solution made the delivery of fish feed became non-contact from factory to fish farmer.

Later Artic-group developed a combined solution, where portable tanks allowed the vessels to transport raw materials (fish meal) during the low season and fish feed during the high season. Through this solution, better utilization of the fleet through the year was achieved.

Artic Shipping AS was sold during 2018, and was at the time the leading fish feed carrier company in the world – both in terms of size and technological solutions. We are proud of the success story we have had within transportation of fish feed, and together with our other success stories, we believe that we have documented our ability to deliver innovative and functional solutions within the Aqua Marine Service-segment.

Fôrbåt leverer i DP-mode -


Artic-group has delivered both new builds and rebuilt service vessels to third parties. We have developed a new and revolutionizing hull design for future deliveries.

Through the years we have built traditional service vessels, work boats and vessels that are utilized for de-lousing operations and delivered these vessels to third parties.

To be a first mover with innovation to an industry that is continuously changing and growing has been our primary focus. To underly our innovative approach, we have during the last year worked with a new type of vessel, with a basis hull design which make it suitable for any requests the client may have when it comes to service- harvesting- and live fish carrier operations. The solution will change the way a vessel’s loading capacity may be used, in addition to reduce the carbon footprint, build economically and achieve high-capacity utilization. The combined solution will optimize the economy and environmental profile for the owner, in addition to contributing to improved sustainability for the fish farming industry as a whole in the years to come.

We hope to tell you more about our concepts in a meeting. We can adjust and build the vessel to suit your needs.